Commonly Asked Questions

Q: What Category does this type of continuing education qualify for?

You may see wording in a continuing education category similar to the following:

A Course offered by an approved provider by electronic media for which an assessment is received (1 point for one hour of participation – Maximum 10.0)


For registered participation in a course offered by an approved provider by videotape, satellite transmission, webcast, DVD or other electronic media for which an assessment is received, one hour of participation earns one point, and the maximum number of points allowed during any reporting period is 10. Credit shall not be given for the same course more than once during a reporting period. The licensee shall submit a certificate of completion furnished by the approved provider”

Each state differs on the wording and how online learning contact hours are applied. You will want to read your state’s CE categorical requirements carefully to assure that our courses are applied to your requirements appropriately.

Q: Will my state allow these contact hours to apply toward my continuing education requirement:

A: All participants will receive a certificate of completion, upon completing a post-course quiz online. Per our understanding, approximately 1/2 of the US states are now “reciprocity” states and will allow you to count contact hours that have been approved by another state’s PT board. If so, you may see similar phrasing in your state’s CE requirements as follows:

Contact hours from “Courses that are currently approved by ANY state physical therapy licensing board or Chapter or Section of the APTA or Federation of State Boards for Physical Therapy (FSBPT) are considered approved in  (your state here) by virtue of that approval.   No additional approval is required.”

If this is not the case, you will want to check with your state’s PT board to find out their stance on this issue. Some states will allow you to submit a syllabus, certificate of completion, and other associated course materials, and will grant credit for the course, even if the state is not a “reciprocity state” by definition.

Regardless of your state’s policy, you will most likely want to save your course outline, learning objectives, and certificate of completion, and contact your state board or organization for specific filing requirements, if appropriate. It is ultimately the responsibility of the therapist to ensure that all courses meet the continuing education requirements of their specific state.

Q: I passed the course, how do I get my certificate?

Congratulations! You will be emailed a link to the certificate. You also have the option to print the certificate upon successful completion.

Q: What happens if I have a scheduling conflict or have technical difficulties that prevent me from attending?

We do not refund for the reasons above. If you do have a scheduling conflict or your technology does not hold up, please email us. We will either give you credit for another course (on-demand or live), or give you the option to have links to the recording of the presentation that you missed, if one does exist.